Three Reasons Craft Ice Cream is Better

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craft ice cream is betterIn a cup or in a cone, with friends or alone, there is no doubt that ice cream is one of America’s favorite treats.  You may have heard of craft beer, but did you know about craft ice cream? Craft ice cream stands out from its large-scale production cousins for a few reasons. Here are three reasons craft ice cream is better.

Exciting flavors

Artisan craft ice cream makers find flavor inspiration everywhere! Flavors can range from sweet to savory and will often change with the season based on availability of ingredients. Craft ice cream is made in small batches so if you see something that piques your interest make sure you try it before it’s gone! Harmony Valley Creamery features six signature flavors including the traditional chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and comfort favorites like cookies’n’cream, butter pecan and mint chocolate chip.

Focus on quality

Artisan ice cream makers frequently source local ingredients for their products in order to ensure the highest quality.  We pride ourselves on using fresh, natural California ingredients.  Since our ingredients do not have to travel far, they are fresher and in turn, lead to a better tasting ice cream.  You can also count on us skipping artificial flavors and preservatives found in many brand name ice creams, making our ice cream an all natural choice you can feel good about.

Supporting local businesses

Craft creameries are usually businesses staffed by a small team of passionate and dedicated individuals. We are proud to say that Harmony Valley Creamery is family owned and operated! When you purchase craft ice cream, you are not only supporting the local economy but you are supporting our dream to craft extraordinary dairy products, preserve our heritage, and be stewards to our neighbors, customers, and our planet. Supporting your business community while eating delicious creamy frozen treats is a win-win situation!

And, with anything, you get what you pay for. Sometimes, craft ice creams cost a little more cash, but in the end, the product is fresher, tastier and just plain better, and we would say worth it! We obviously love craft ice cream but don’t take our word for it.  If you haven’t experienced our craft ice cream yet, try it for yourself! Our signature flavors include Mayor Freddy’s Vanilla Bean, Schools Out Strawberry, Blue Door Butter Pecan, and more.  You can buy our pints at these locations, or check out our  Scoop Truck, open every weekend from 12pm – 4pm in sunny Harmony, CA!