HVC now available at RALPHS


Have you heard the news? The long wait is over! Harmony Valley Creamery is now available at many Southern California Ralphs Grocery Stores! That’s right, we are expanding and things are looking up! Don’t tell our cows, or they are going to get big heads! They are always trying to take all the credit. Not sure if we are at … Read More


Three Reasons Craft Ice Cream is Better

HVCreameryWhat's Churning?

In a cup or in a cone, with friends or alone, there is no doubt that ice cream is one of America’s favorite treats.  You may have heard of craft beer, but did you know about craft ice cream? Craft ice cream stands out from its large-scale production cousins for a few reasons. Here are three reasons craft ice cream … Read More


Word to the Ice Cream Wise: Skip the Ambergris

HVCreameryHVC Secret Recipe Book

As you fill your life with the experience of trying the strange but real ice cream flavors being created by artisan ice cream shops, you’ll find yourself motivated to try every flavor. Marking those unique tastes off your list becomes a badge of honor, and at Harmony Valley Creamery we’re committed to your success in this endeavor. (Start with our six signature flavors!) However, … Read More