Need a Back to School Pick Me Up?

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Back to school got you tired? Need an energy boost? Well come grab some of our Cowtown Coffee Bean, a scoop truck exclusive! Just when you were wondering how to fit so many udderly delicious ice cream flavors into one bowl, we’re increasing the challenge by adding another flavor! Just get a bigger bowl.

This decadent delight is made with Spearhead Coffee from Paso Robles. This coffee company is as committed to high-quality coffee as we are to high-quality craft ice cream, so it seemed like a perfect fit. Plus, they’re practically our neighbors, and we love local coffee shops as much as we love local ice cream. (Their coffee shop is super cozy and cool, too. It would be as cool as the ice cream truck, except coffee is usually hot, you know? And what’s iced coffee, really? It’s practically coffee ice cream.)

Cowtown Coffee Bean is creamy and coffee-y, with a rich flavor usually only found in, well, a cup of coffee.

So, obviously, you’ve gotta have some, preferably now. But where to get it? At the window of our very own Scoop Truck, of course! The scoop truck will be open in Harmony, CA on Labor Day weekend (Saturday – Monday) from 11am – 5pm, and then will resume normal weekend hours during the school year which are Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am – 4:30pm.

In fact, that’s the only place to get it right now. This new taste is not yet available in stores, so we’ll look forward to seeing you in Harmony Town, at the SLO Farmer’s Market or anywhere else the Scoop Truck ends up. Our scooping arm is warmed up and ready; all we need is for you to give the word: “Triple scoop of Cowtown Coffee Bean, please!”

Comin’ up!

Cowtown questions? Contact us! We’re crazy about our latest creation and can’t wait to share it with you.