Need a Back to School Pick Me Up?

HVCreameryTruckin' Around

Back to school got you tired? Need an energy boost? Well come grab some of our Cowtown Coffee Bean, a scoop truck exclusive! Just when you were wondering how to fit so many udderly delicious ice cream flavors into one bowl, we’re increasing the challenge by adding another flavor! Just get a bigger bowl. This decadent delight is made with Spearhead Coffee from Paso … Read More


Happy Cows Jump for Joy on Koslapp Day

HVCreameryWhat's Churning?

Winter can be long and dark for many parts of the world. Imagine how long and gloomy it would be if you were kept in a stable or barn the entire snowy season?! Well that yikes!-feeling is exactly how the dairy cows of Sweden feel every year. Winter is harsh in the Scandinavian country and milk farmers keep their cows … Read More


Straight from the Dairy Farm

HVCreameryChillin' in Harmony

Ever wonder who puts the cream in our signature craft ice cream? Dairy cows, silly! Our cream is straight from the dairy farm, based right here in Southern California. We are so proud to work with local businesses to bring creative ice cream flavors and sweet creations to Harmony. Today, we’re excited to share more about our dairy supplier, Scott Brothers Dairy. Scott Brothers Dairy is … Read More