Straight from the Dairy Farm

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Ever wonder who puts the cream in our signature craft ice cream?

Dairy cows, silly!

Our cream is straight from the dairy farm, based right here in Southern California.

We are so proud to work with local businesses to bring creative ice cream flavors and sweet creations to Harmony. Today, we’re excited to share more about our dairy supplier, Scott Brothers Dairy.

Scott Brothers Dairy is a family owned operation that was founded by Ira J. Scott in 1913. The Scott family has been perfecting their craft for four generations.

Each day, tanker trucks of milk from the family’s dairy farm in San Jacinto are brought to the creamery in Chino. In Chino, the dairymen test the milk, then move it through giant silver tanks for pasteurization. The creamery produces all sorts of products, from sour cream and yogurt to the delicious cream that we use in our treats.

Scott Brothers Dairy is committed to sustainable agriculture, and have adopted practices to preserve Southern California’s beauty. This means using solar panels and raising happy, healthy cattle. Over 1,000 cows live on the Scott Brothers Farm and eat feed grown right on the farm. The low-stress life the cows lead means they produce more milk naturally, without the use of bovine growth hormone (rBST).

The Scott family believes that dairying is such a rewarding experience that they hope to someday bring micro-dairying back to Harmony. Harmony was once a major dairy and creamery producer, and the return of micro-dairies could be the future of farming here in Southern California.

To learn more about Scott Brothers Dairy, contact us.