National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is Today!

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There are many days worth celebrating (National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, anyone?!) but National Ice Cream Sandwich Day definitely tops the list as one of our favorites. Think about it: when choosing a dessert, you’re generally given a few options with the caveat that you can choose only one. But with an ice cream sandwich? You’re totally beating the system! Not only do you get to enjoy two soft-baked cookies, but you get to indulge in everyone’s favorite part: the rich and creamy ice cream center! You get two desserts for the price of one!

How Did The Ice Cream Sandwich Get its Start?

While ice cream sandwiches originally called for sponge cake, using cookies was a trend that began in our own state of California. In 1928, a San Francisco ice cream vendor sandwiched ice cream between two oatmeal cookies, topping the confection with a chocolate coating. People clamored to get a taste of this sweet new frozen treat. After all, what better vehicle for enjoying the ice cream they already loved than putting it on a cookie? The rest, as they say, is history.

How To Construct The Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich

Here at Harmony Valley Creamery we know that the most important component of the ice cream sandwich is the ice cream, and the quality of that ice cream can make or break your ice cream sandwich. Fortunately, with our udderly awesome lineup of homemade ice cream flavors, you can’t go wrong! We take pride in making only the best local ice cream for your Ice Cream Sandwich Day enjoyment. While the creation possibilities are virtually endless, here are a few of our favorite DIY mash-ups.

  • The PB&C: Harmony Chapel Chocolate sandwiched between peanut butter cookies
  • The Wholesome: Blue Door Butter Pecan sandwiched between oatmeal raisin cookies (It’s got nuts, fruit and oatmeal so it must be healthy, right?)
  • The Grasshopper: Doo Dah Mint Chip sandwiched between chocolate-chocolate chip cookies
  • The Cookie Monster: Local Yodelers Cookies and Cream sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies
  • The Rugged Californian: Mayor Freddy’s Vanilla sandwiched between trail mix cookies
  • The Chocolate-Covered Strawberry: School’s Out Strawberry sandwiched between chocolate cookies

What are your favorite ice cream sandwich combinations? We’d love to hear how you celebrate National Ice Cream Day with Harmony Valley Creamery’s signature craft ice cream flavors!