Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day!

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Pana Choca – Buttermilk Pancakes with Chocolate Ice Cream

Are you ready for the upcoming holiday? No, not the Super Bowl or the one celebrating love and romance, the one celebrating good tastes.

The first Saturday every February is Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. It’s an important holiday, and it’s been around longer than you might think.


It was started in the 60’s by a mother trying to entertain bored children who were snowed in. They, naturally, grabbed on to the idea of having ice cream for breakfast, and passed it on to their friends and carried it on with their own children. The family traveled widely, spreading Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast wherever they went, and now it is celebrated all over the world.

You definitely want to jump on this bandwagon.


Yes, ice cream for breakfast might even be good for you. A widely reported 2016 study by Yoshihiko Koga suggested that people who ate ice cream for breakfast performed better at tests of mental agility by having faster reaction times and better information-processing results. It’s been criticised – ice cream vs. fasting leaves the question of whether other foods would have the same results – but is still widely talked about. (We all want good reasons to do something fun!)

Additionally, ice cream (and food formulas similar to ice cream) has been demonstrated in a much less controversial study to cause happiness, as in, a single spoonful of ice cream activates the same pleasure centers in the brain as winning money or hearing your favorite song.

A jolt of happiness is not a bad way to begin a day. And this Saturday is the day to try it out for yourself.


Take a moment to imagine the ways to celebrate this holiday. A bowl of your favorite ice cream to start out the day. You have an excellent excuse for the indulgence – it’s how you celebrate the holiday!

Celebrate by yourself – ice cream is good alone. Make yourself a large, elaborate sundae, with all the toppings and flavors you want. It’s a holiday – go all out!

Celebrate with your family. Holidays are great family events. And think about the looks on your kids’ faces when you tell them that, because of the holiday, breakfast is ice cream today. (You might want to plan an after-breakfast trip to a park, a zoo, or some other place they can run off the sugar rush.)

Make your significant other ice cream in bed for breakfast. Dishes optional.

Celebrate with a group of friends – a build-your-own-sundae party is always fun. Everyone bring a favorite flavor and topping to brunch, and see what you end up with.

Go ahead, pick up some udderly awesome ice cream, and get ready to add Ice Cream for Breakfast Day to your holiday traditions. We bet that it will rapidly become a favorite!