Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

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Harmony Chapel ChocolateIf you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I like my holidays to be specific, on Thursdays, and about ice cream,” then we’ve got some good news. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is coming up on Thursday, June 7!

We love celebrating any ice cream holiday, but National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is a little extra special because, well, chocolate.

The International Dairy Foods Association says chocolate is the second most popular ice cream flavor in the United States. (And they know their dairy facts!) The most popular flavor is vanilla, but it has its own holiday. (July 23, if you’d like to mark your calendar.)

So let’s bring the attention back to where it belongs this June 7, and that’s on craft chocolate ice cream. You know where to find it: Harmony Valley Creamery!

Let’s hear it for the honored pint, Harmony Chapel Chocolate. We’ve known since we crafted that first small batch that our local chocolate ice cream would be deserving of its own holiday. Scoop by scoop, we’ll be celebrating on June 7, and we hope you’ll join us.

Here’s how you can participate in National Chocolate Ice Cream Day:

  • Visit the Scoop Truck! We’ll be at the SLO Farmer’s Market that evening (and every Thursday all glorious summer long), serving chocolate scoop after chocolate scoop. You can also find us at the Morro Bay Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoons.
  • Pick Up a Pint! Visit a local market to take home a few pints of your own Harmony Chapel Chocolate. Remember, holidays are for sharing.
  • Tell Us What You Love About National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! How are you celebrating? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram at @hvcreamery. We’ll hit ya back if our hands aren’t busy holding chocolate ice cream cones. (Common problem around here.)

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day only comes around once a year, but scoop truck is here for you all year long. Celebrate big on June 7, and we’ll help you keep the celebration going for another 12 months. Questions about our chocolate ice cream? Contact us! It’s one of our favorite topics.