Scooping @ SLO Farmer’s Market 6pm to 9pm


Look for our Scoop Truck at the corner of Higuera & Osos Enjoy our udderly awesome small batch ice cream, five blocks of fresh produce, famous BBQ, delicious meals, entertainment, and more!


It’s Ice Cream Party Time!

HVCreameryWhat's Churning?

Few things say “celebration” like ice cream- we go out for ice cream to celebrate special events, we have ice cream and cake to celebrate a birthday- so why not just have an ice cream-themed party? Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a boring Tuesday, if you love ice cream and your friends do too, then throw an ice … Read More


Where’s the Ice Cream Truck Churning this Summer?

HVCreameryTruckin' Around

Summer’s heating up, but we’ve got you covered: Harmony Valley Creamery‘s ice cream truck will be serving up big ol’ scoops of our udderly awesome craft ice cream on a daily basis in the town of Harmony! You can’t miss us: just look for that 1957 Divco truck. Most of these milk trucks retired before the internet was born, but ours … Read More