Summer’s Here: The Hottest Way to Stay Cool

HVCreameryChillin' in Harmony

Summer Ice Cream

Summer is sizzling, but folks in the tiny hamlet of Harmony enjoy an ideal 75F. In fact, we stay cool all year long, but it’s not only the ocean breezes, it’s the craft ice cream too!

Everyone agrees: and besides who doesn’t want to find themselves in Harmony ice cream is the hottest way to stay cool. The only question is: which craft made flavor is the coolest?

Can you detect the differences in cooling potential between Local Yodelers Cookies ‘n Cream and Blue Door Butter Pecan, or any of our other udderly awesome flavors? Sample them all if you can handle the craft ice cream side effects like contentment, extreme happiness, and cravings for more?  You might need to try them all twice.

So as the weather gets hotter and hotter and your looking to cool off, come to the coast and order yourself a scoop or two. The scoop truck is open daily during the Summer months.

No matter which flavor proves itself to be the coolest, eating locally made craft ice cream is the best way to spend your summer.

Be on the lookout for our Scoop Truck for more opportunities to cool down. It will be hanging out in Harmony all summer long and it may show up at a special event near you!

If you have questions about the truck’s whereabouts or are interested in the cooling powers of ice cream, contact us.

Please note: Ice cream does not protect you from the sun and we do not recommend slathering craft ice cream on your skin as a sunblock. It is ineffective at best, and, at worst, a tragic waste of delicious ice cream.