Summer is the Best Season – Summer Hours

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It’s finally here! Summer!! And you know what that means…. summer hours! While the Scoop Truck is normally open during weekends only, during summer, the truck is open EVERY SINGLE DAY. Hours are extended too! Summer hours are from 11am – 5pm in Harmony, CA.

Now we all know that summer is the best season because Scoop Truck hours are extended, which equals more ice cream of course… but there are plenty of other reasons why ice cream in the summer is the best.

  • Summer is hot, ice cream is cold. So simple. So pure.
  • Summer love leading to summer break-ups? Don’t worry, Harmony Valley Creamery is here for you every day.
  • School is out for summer…kids love ice cream…. need I say more? (Try our School’s Out Strawberry, just sayin’)
  • HVC is ready to help you cool down man’s best friend too… pups love our ice cream. It’s true!
  • You can get HVC at the Scoop Truck in Harmony, but also at several locations around town, including Cal Fresh in SLO, Spencers in Morro Bay, Rexall in Los Osos and more!! Watch out for HVC on Ralph’s shelves coming so0n!
  • Harmony’s Cows are the cutest cows in the world (ok, that one is an opinion!)
  • Tiny towns yield huge happiness factor – and HVC has a new sitting area right next to our updated DIVCO Scoop Truck!
  • Finally, WHY NOT!?

Now, remember, HVC has our 6 core flavors of Schools Out Strawberry, Harmony Chapel Chocolate, Blue Door Butter Pecan, Doo Dah Mint ‘n Chip, Local Yodelers Cookies ‘n Cream and Mayor Freddy Vanilla Bean, but you can also get our Cowtown Coffee Bean and Shoreline Salted Caramel Swirl at the scoop truck! Now, those are a special treat.

You can also find us at several events coming up throughout the summer, including San Luis Obispo’s Farmers Market every Thursday night starting at 6pm, Harmony’s Wine and Beer Festival coming up on August 3rd in Harmony, and many more… Check out our calendar for all of the latest events.