I Scream, You Scream… for Local Ice Cream

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Local Ice Cream

Despite the well-established fact that we all scream for local ice cream, we’ve found ice-cream eaters to be an exceptionally low key bunch. Maybe because their mouths are full of ice cream. It’s awfully hard to yell when that Local Yodeler’s Cookies ‘N Cream ice cream has taken up its temporary residence in your mouth.

Still, we understand the sentiment. It’s hard not to get excited when you see the Scoop Truck shining in the distance, knowing you’re mere moments away from Harmony Valley Creamery’s udderly awesome craft ice cream.

Usually, screaming for ice cream is pure fun, but every now and then, it’s an opportunity to make real ice cream change in your community.

For example:

  • If someone takes a lick of your cone when you’re not looking, you might scream for ice cream. (Just kidding. Sharing is caring, people. Even, or maybe especially, when it comes to ice cream.)
  • If you notice your bowl is empty, you might scream for ice cream.
  • If you realize your favorite local grocer does not carry Harmony Valley craft ice cream in the freezer section, you might scream for ice cream.

That’s right, folks. You no longer have to wait for the Scoop Truck to satisfy your craft ice cream cravings. Stores, markets, and restaurants from Santa Maria to Cambria are proud to offer Harmony Valley Creamery ice cream to their customers.

Is your favorite among them? If not, the time has come! Talk (you might not want to scream if they’re standing right in front of you) to the store mangers, your favorite checker or owners about adding Harmony Valley Creamery local ice cream to their offerings. You can promise them at least one happy customer—and we’re willing to bet on many, many more happy ice cream customers.

Do you know of a store or restaurant where people are screaming for craft ice cream? Contact us and let us know! Nothing makes us happier than getting the best ice cream into people’s hands. (Except maybe getting that ice cream into their mouths. And ours.)