National Ice Cream Day is July 15!


There are so many holidays to keep track of that it’s only natural for one or two to fall through the cracks. However, if you’re a fan of sweet treats, and you’d like to celebrate them, then you should mark your calendar to be sure you don’t miss out on National Ice Cream Day!

Wait, We Have One Of Those?

We do, in fact, have a National Ice Cream Day. Not only that, but we’ve had it since 1984 when President Ronald Reagan declared that the third Saturday of July would be dedicated to the celebration of summertime’s coolest cream. Which means that, come that particular summer weekend, there will be all sorts of events involving sundaes, cones, soft serve, classic, and a dozen other varieties of ice cream.

Why Did We Dedicate An Entire Day To Ice Cream?

Well, aside from ice cream’s obvious deliciousness, there was a deeper reason for Reagan’s proclamation that the third Saturday in the middle of the summer would be National Ice Cream Day. Because at least ten percent of all the milk produced by U.S. dairy farmers goes into making ice cream. That is a lot of milk, and Reagan wanted to do his part as president to stimulate the economy by making sure as many people had a reason to go get some ice cream as possible.

So, while there is definitely an economic undertone to the day according to NBC News, that hasn’t stopped us from reveling in the sheer pleasure that comes from having a reason to eat ice cream on a particular day… as if we really need a reason in the high heat of July.

How will you celebrate? Remember, you can pick up a pint from one of our many central coast retail locations, or visit the Scoop Truck in Harmony, CA every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm – 4pm or find us at the Thursday Farmer’s Markets in Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo! For more information about National Ice Cream Day, as well as about all things ice cream related, all you have to do is contact us today!