Locally-Made Ice Cream Economy

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“Locally-Made” and “Buy local” are big buzz phrases these days. But, why is this important?

Simple: If a dollar leaves the community, it can take a long time for it to work its way back—if it manages to do so at all. And if there are fewer dollars in the community, that’s fewer ice cream cones for everyone.

Not the way we want to live.

When you shop for locally-made products, the dollar you spend goes to a fellow community member, who may turn around and spend it on a product or service you provide. It’s a really lovely cycle of support and abundance within the community.

That makes it our mission not only to spend where we are, but to create where we are. To offer a local option for the community.

So that’s what we do.

Our craft ice cream is made right here on the beautiful California Central Coast. When you buy a scoop or a pint of that Harmony Chapel Chocolate, for example, you might be thinking only of taste bud indulgence. But beyond your tastebuds,  you have set off a lovely butterfly effect: enjoying a local ice cream promotes the local economy, which comes back to benefit members of the community.

And while you might have to make a short drive to a local grocer or to find the Scoop Truck, you might have prevented a giant truck from traveling all the way across the country to deliver a cold treat.

So that means, eat more local, craft ice cream to save the planet and help the community thrive! Seems reasonable. It’s an idea whose time has come.

When you’re ready to do your part, visit a local store, or the Scoop Truck in Harmony, currently open weekends from 12-4pm! You can also find our truck at the San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Markets every Thursday in downtown SLO. “Shop local” now extends beyond meats and vegetables and into everyone’s favorite food group: ice cream. Contact us if you’re wondering where to find the Scoop Truck or a local pint carrying retail store, or if you have any questions about our local ice cream flavors.