Invite the Scoop Truck to Your Wedding

HVCreameryChillin' in Harmony, Truckin' Around

What a joyous occasion it is to gather with family and friends to celebrate love. It’s even more special when that love goes back to childhood and plays a role in many of your best memories. Ah, yes, it was love at first bite…Oh, your wedding. Right. We were thinking about ice cream.

Your wedding is also a joyous occasion! What if we were somehow able to combine these two great loves: your love for each other, and everyone’s love for ice cream?

Harmony Valley Creamery knows how to do it: invite the Scoop Truck to your wedding!

Need help convincing someone that homemade ice cream is the perfect addition to your wedding? We didn’t think so. But just in case you want some reasons, anyway, we’ve got ’em:

  1. The Perfect Wedding Guest: The Scoop Truck arrives on time, doesn’t spill wine, and won’t cause any drama. In fact, craft ice cream has been known to prevent people from “putting their foot in their mouths” by keeping their mouths busy. (Does Great Aunt Madge still take issue with your color scheme? Just hand her another ice cream cone!)
  2. Simple and Convenient. We just roll up in the truck, serve ice cream, and leave. You won’t have to chase us out or, worse, clean up after us. It’s a wonderful touch to your day without adding any hassle.
  3. A Free Babysitter: Need someone to keep the kids occupied for a while during the reception? Send them to the Scoop Truck! (We don’t officially recommend craft ice cream in place of childcare. But it’s a nice helper.)
  4. Ice Cream is the New Black: It goes with everything! You can eat it (or wear it, we guess, usually accidentally) any time, any place. No matter your wedding colors or theme, ice cream fits right in.
  5. Adorable Photos: Your photographer can snap away as guests pose with their favorite flavors, especially when the Scoop Truck is a refurbished 1957 DIVCO! So rustic chic!
  6. The Fun Factor: Your guests can spoil themselves with cake AND ice cream, and the truck itself is a talking point.
  7. A Memorable Touch: “Remember that wedding with the ice cream truck?” YES! That was YOUR wedding! It’s not every wedding that has a Scoop Truck. (Although it should be. We’re working on it.)
  8. Another Dessert Option: We all love cake, except for those who only kind of love it. Ice cream is a sweet alternative for people who prefer to eat their dessert without forks.
  9. Cost-Effective: We have some great packages that can fit with most any budget.
  10. Surround Yourself With Love: You’ve got all your friends and family there to celebrate your marriage. Don’t forget that other great love in your life: ice cream. Include it in the celebration.

We’re not just dreaming big dreams here. You can reserve the Scoop Truck for your wedding or any other special occasion. Like Thursday, for example. Just contact us and we’ll make it happen!