Ice Cream’s Biggest Fans (You May Have Heard of a Few)

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What’s one thing you have in common with past presidents, A-list actors, famous music stars and the royal family? No, it’s not that you put on your pants one leg at a time (although we’re fairly confident that’s accurate as well). What you and these influencers both share is a love of ice cream! Read on to discover which famous faces know what you have known all along–that ice cream is the best way to keep (and be) cool!

The Forefathers of Our Country

While we’ve all seen candidates on the campaign trail enjoying local ice cream for a photo op, what’s less known is that the connection between the Commander-in-Chief and ice cream go back hundreds of years! A merchant in New York recorded that George Washington spent $200 on ice cream during the summer of 1790. That’s nearly $5,300 in today’s money! Because ice cream was so pricey to make and store prior to refrigeration, most Americans still hadn’t tried this delectable treat. Third President Thomas Jefferson, however, is responsible for bringing ice cream to the American masses, serving it often at the President’s House and even leaving behind a copy of his recipe.  Another presidential lover of ice cream was none other than Abraham Lincoln, who was such a fan that ice cream was served at his second inauguration.

Every Celebrity in 2018

Since it’s debut in Manhattan in 2016, the Museum of Ice Cream has been inspiring scores of celebrities to publicly profess their love for the creamy treat. Featured in four cities (including two in our own California!), famous faces from Steph Curry and David Beckham to Gwen Stefani and Beyonce have all made the pilgrimage to pay homage to the undisputed King of Desserts.

And Speaking of Royalty…

Marie Antoinette may be credited for saying “let them eat cake”, but other royals held ice cream in much higher esteem. From King Charles I’s love of “cream ice” to Catherine de Medici’s introduction of frozen desserts to the French, royalty has long had a love-affair with ice cream. Need more proof? Ice cream trucks were featured at the latest royal wedding!

The Sweet “Truth”

Hundreds of years and a veritable boatload of famous names can’t be wrong. Ice cream reigns supreme! Who are some of your favorite famous ice cream lovers? We’d love to hear your thoughts!