Harmony Ice Cream Gives Back

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You probably already know that one lick of our craft creamy ice cream makes your taste buds dance. But did you also know that buying Harmony Valley Creamery ice cream is a choice you can truly feel good about? We’re not just bringing craft ice cream to our corner of California, we’re doing what we can to give back to this great community.

1% For the Planet is an international network of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and people who have come together to support the environment. This organization helps its members find trustworthy environmental causes they can support through financial donations, volunteer work, and in-kind donations. Working together can be an amazing force, and 1% For the Planet is dedicated to harnessing that power for our world. We are all for a healthy planet (after all, it’s where we find our favorite cows), so we’re proud to say we’ve joined forces with them.

Of course, our heart is always local, so the local environmental cause we’ve chosen is The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County. Specifically, we’re supporting their Octagon Barn restoration project. This historic landmark was just about to collapse. Now it’s being restored to become a great public space where people can learn about agriculture in our area. You could say we’re pretty fond of cows and barns around here, so it’s a natural fit for us.

So the next time you decide to treat yourself to some of our ice cream, you can feel even better about it than ever. Not only do you get to enjoy delicious ice cream, made from the highest quality ingredients, you’re supporting a family owned business that is giving back to the community. Whew! That might just deserve an extra scoop.

To learn more about Harmony Valley Creamery and our commitment to the community, contact us or visit us on Twitter.