Happy Root Beer Float Day!

HVCreameryWhat's Churning?

As far as the major ice cream holidays go, Root Beer Float Day has to be one of our favorites. Mark your calendars: it’s coming up on August 6! We’re so happy it falls on a weekend this year! That way, your job hopefully won’t get in the way of your Root Beer Float-making.

Now, you may still be trying to relax after celebrating Ice Cream Soda Day in June, but you need to rally and get your root beer on. Ice Cream Soda Day encompasses a wide variety of soda and ice cream flavors, and it serves as a warm-up to the main event, where we focus on the traditional root beer with vanilla ice cream.

If you remember your ice cream history, you know that Robert M. Green accidentally invented the ice cream soda when he ran out of either cream or ice (there are two versions of this particular history, but it doesn’t matter because the result was the ice cream soda and we’re forever grateful) when making drinks at a festival in Philadelphia back in 1874.

Interestingly enough, it was just two years later, also in Philadelphia, when pharmacist Charles Hines introduced root beer to the masses at the Centennial Exposition. Though it seems like all good things come from Philadelphia, ice cream was not, to our knowledge, invented there. Still, it found a soul mate in root beer.

The only way to improve upon the work of genius that is the Root Beer Float is to use homemade ice cream! Luckily, Harmony Valley Creamery has you covered. Use a generous scoop or two of our Mayor Freddy’s Vanilla Bean craft ice cream with your root beer for a Root Beer Float Day you’ll never forget. Contact us if you’re concerned about the ratio of ice cream to root beer (we’re going to advise you to err on the side of extra ice cream and a bigger glass), or visit us on Twitter to find out where the Harmony Ice Cream Truck will be churning.