DIY Ice Cream Presidents

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Mount RushmoreIt seems even US Presidents both past and present have a fondness for ice cream. While we’re not sure if our current POTUS  is a DIY ice cream fanatic, we definitely know two of our founding fathers – George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were.  In fact George Washington loved DIY ice cream so much that he bought ice cream-making and serving supplies for the capital.  Also during the summer of 1790 POTUS #1 reportedly splurged and spent $200, approximately $5,000 in today’s dollars, on American’s favorite frozen treat.

Not to be out done when it comes to producing DIY ice cream, POTUS #3, Thomas Jefferson, is credited with the first written ice cream recipe in America -a mere 18 step process with only 3 ingredients

Abraham Lincoln was also considered quite the fan, and although not known to be a DIY ice cream POTUS, Lincoln did serve a bevy of ice cream flavors at his second inaugural ball including: Vanilla, Lemon, White Coffee, Chocolate, Burnt Almond and Maraschino.

And while not of POTUS stature, former VPOTUS #47 confessed “My name is Joe Biden, and I love ice cream,” and so do we Joe!

Let us celebrate President’s Day, and remember at Harmony Valley Creamery we like to say – “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Ice Cream.”