Ditch the Wedding Cake – Serve Ice Cream!

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Ditch the Wedding Cake - Serve Ice Cream!

Kate + John: Image by Jessie Clapp Photography

Planning a wedding? Looking for a fun alternative to a traditional wedding cake? Now picture this: Harmony Valley’s vintage Scoop Truck dishing out fabulous craft ice cream on your big day. Not only will it be an adorable addition to your summer wedding, but also a huge hit with your guests. With all the options offered, everyone will be enjoying their favorite treat.  As the old adage says, “we all scream for ice cream”!

Why spend valuable planning time debating over cake flavors when we can pull up and offer something for everyone? Your guests will choose a cup, cone, or mini cone of one of our rich signature flavors, or even enjoy a refreshing root beer float. You may even want to provide your guests with a table of toppings for some added fun.

There’s no doubt, summer weddings in California can get hot. You and your guests alike will have a blast cooling off with our ice cream.

Not so sure about ditching the cake for ice cream? Serve both! Honestly, is there any better combination? A big scoop of Mayor Freddie’s Vanilla Bean is guaranteed to significantly increase the yum factor of any cake.

Why choose Harmony Valley? When you book our Scoop Truck, you are supporting local ice cream and local dairy farming. It’s a choice that isn’t just good for your wedding – it’s good for the community.

For more information, please visit our website and fill out our contact form. We can discuss your wedding and come up with the perfect package to fit your needs for the special day. Haven’t tried our craft ice cream yet? Click here for a list of shops to pick up a pint, or follow us on Twitter to see where our Scoop Truck is scheduled to be next. And don’t forget… ice cream makes everything better!