Craft Ice Cream Hits Retail Shelf…


HVC six pints Signature Flavors

Our craft ice cream has hit a retail shelf and we couldn’t be more giddy!  That’s correct, a single retail shelf.  Our good friends at Soto’s True Earth Market in Cambria, CA is the first retail market to carry our Signature Flavor line of craft ice cream in pints.

Just to kick things off – we will be giving away free mini taster cones on Saturday, March 25th from noon to 2pm out of our vintage Scoop Truck in front of market.  Stop by to enjoy a taster cone, and while you’re at it pick up a pint or two.  Just look for udders in their freezer case.

We’re just getting started, so if you live outside of Cambria, CA be sure to ask you local market to carry our udderly awesome ice cream.