Celebrate National Ice Cream Soda Day!

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Thanksgiving focuses on turkey. Independence Day is all about those fireworks. Ice cream isn’t nearly well-represented enough in the major national holidays. Luckily, National Ice Cream Soda Day helps us make up for it.

Mark your calendars! On June 20, you need to celebrate this ice-creamy day with an ice cream soda of your own. It’s pretty easy:

  • Step One: Poor a little carbonated beverage in a cup.
  • Step Two: Scoop ice cream into cup.
  • Step Three: Top off with carbonated beverage.
  • Step Four: Eat like it’s a holiday! Because it is.

The brilliance of the ice cream soda has been around since 1874, if you can believe it. Robert M. Green, fountain drink vendor and soon-to-be ice cream hero, ran out of cream (or ice, depending on the version of the story you’re reading) for one of the drinks he was offering in Philadelphia, so he had to use ice cream instead. And there the ice cream soda appeared.

The Root Beer Float is, perhaps, the most famous of the ice cream sodas, but don’t let your creativity stop with vanilla ice cream. Celebrate the day with Harmony Valley Creamery! Pick up a pint of our  craft ice cream and make your own celebratory concoction.

We’re thinking maybe a couple of scoops of School’s Out Strawberry with a lemon-lime soda. Or three scoops of Harmony Chapel Chocolate with a cherry cola. However you combine it, you can’t go wrong with craft ice cream in your ice cream soda.

ice cream sodas

From all of us at Harmony Valley Creamery, we wish you a very happy and delicious National Ice Cream Soda Day.