Bringing Back the Dairy Farming History of Harmony

HVCreameryChillin' in Harmony

DairyThe town of Harmony may be small, but it has a big history when it comes to dairy farming.

Let’s go back to the 1700s. (Don’t worry. We won’t be there all day.) In the late part of that century, cattle first arrived in California, bringing with them the potential for some of the best craft ice cream you can imagine.

The California dairy industry was originally centered around San Francisco because of the great pasture land and high demand for delicious dairy products. Then, one of California’s prominent dairy families, the Steele family, moved to SLO County in 1866 and brought the industry to life in the area. Between 1900 and 1910, creameries and dairy co-ops started popping up all over the state. Harmony, always a trendsetter, opened the Harmony Valley Creamery Association Co-Op in 1901.

At the time, milk, cheese, and butter were their primary concerns. The operation closed in 1955 before they could discover craft ice cream flavors like Doo Dah Mint ‘n Chip.

And that brings us to the present with the Harmony Valley Creamery!

The creamery is satisfying the dire need for fresh, local ice cream, but the vision doesn’t stop with incredible flavors and a vintage Scoop Truck. (Although, really, with that kind of accomplishment, what more could someone expect from you?)

We dream of bringing dairy farming back to this tiny town.  What better way to shine light on the history of our charming hamlet while making craft ice cream with the most local milk we can find?

Don’t be surprised some day when you see beautiful, happy dairy cows grazing in the fields and hills nearby when you drive into town. You “herd” it here first.

Questions about owning a dairy farm? Actually, we do know a bit about that, so we might be able to help. But we really shine when it comes to ice cream questions. Contact us and ask!