Beat An Ice Cream Path On Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day Ice Cream

On Valentine’s Day stop thinking it takes a dozen roses or fancy diamonds to make a celebration special, because that’s simply not true!  Everybody loves ice cream, and what could be more romantic than sharing some memorable moments with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day over a big bowl of craft ice cream from the udderly awesome Harmony Valley Creamery? It’s all you need to put a Valentine’s Day smile on your sweetheart’s face.

Chocolate is a lover’s delight and an all-time favorite, Harmony Chapel Chocolate with your Valentine is a great choice, and as we say at Harmony Valley Creamery, “this chocolate ice cream’s so good you might want to marry it!”

Another fine choice for you and your sweetheart would be a pint of School’s Out Strawberry. WARNING: Eating a bite of this craft ice cream may make your heart skip a beat!

And if you really want to get your taste buds to dancing then share a scoop or two of the famous Doo Dah Mint N’ Chip. This scrumptious flavor will freshen your breath for a Valentine’s kiss.

Even though Valentine’s Day rolls around only once a year, you can still enjoy the craft ice cream from Harmony Valley Creamery seven days a week, all year long! Get your appetite ready, skip lunch if you want and go for the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted.